Common Questions About Car Selling, Junk Car Buying, And Auto Salvage Yards

How Does Auto Salvage Yards Operate?

Auto Salvage Yards buy junk and used cars for cash. The provide you a quote depending on the condition of the car. If the price was suitable they will pickup the car and give you cash in return.
Contact us today at 313 931 2200, and let us help you get rid of your unwanted vehicle fast.

Can I Sell My Car Without A Title?

Following state laws, we can't buy any car without a title.

How Can I Sell My Car Fast?

Easy! All you have to do is give us a call at Call or Request A Quote and we will provide you with an instant quote. If you approve the proposal, we will tow your car at your best timing and give you cash on the spot for your car.

How Do You Determine My Car Value?

Your car price is set based on the year, make, model, and other factors such as damages, and mileage, which lead to providing you with the best offer for your car.

Do I Need To Provide My Vin To Sell My Car?

Your Vin is not necessary to get an offer, however, having your Vin can result in a better offer, as it gives us a better understanding of the vehicle to sell.

How Much Does it Cost To Tow My Car?

We do not provide towing services, however, once you sell your car to us we will remove your car for FREE.

Can I Sell My Car If I Still Owe Money On It?

We can't buy your car until you pay it off as we need your lien release along with your title to be able to buy your car.

What Papers Do You Need When I Sell My Car?

You will need to have the recent registration, driving license, and your title.

Sell My Car For Cash?

American Auto Recycle provides great offers for cars that you don't want to miss and pays you cash right after car pick-up.

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